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Advertising With The DC Blues Society


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DCBS Capital Blues Messenger Newsletter Rates DC Blues Society Website Rates

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Capital Blues Messenger Newsletter Rates

Acceptable Formats:

Business Card $20  
1/8 Page $25 Horizontal:   3 7/8W x 2 7/16H
1/6 Page $30 Horizontal:   2 3/8W x 4 3/4H (1 col)
1/4 Page $40 Vertical:   3 7/8W x 4 3/4H
1/3 Page $55 Horizontal:   5 1/4W x 4 3/4H (2 col)
1/2 Page $75 Vertical:   7 3/4/W x 4 3/4H
Horizontal:   3 7/8W x 9 3/8H
2/3 Page $110  
Full Page $140 7 3/4W x 9 3/8H

Rates are based on camera-ready artwork and must be received by the 7th of the month prior to publication. Design service is outsourced and a fee will be charged. Discounts are available for consecutive placement of ads.

1.   Please place your order at least one month in advance with

2.   Send Pre-Approved Ads to by the 7th of the prior month.

What to Send:   Ads should be at least 300 dpi. Submit in color.
Vector format (.ai or .eps) is preferred, high resolution .pdf or .jpg (300 dpi at finished size) is acceptable. Colors should be converted to the CMYK spectrum. Quality reproduction of ads submitted in other file formats, such as Word, Powerpoint or Publisher, cannot be assured.
When to Send:   Ads need to be recieved by the 7th of the month prior to when the ad should appear. (for example, if you want to publish in February, send the ad no later than January 7.)

Newsletter ad size and space allocation is contingent on prior commitments and editorial content. DCBS reserves the right to refuse advertising it deems inappropriate.

DC Blues Society Website Rates

Submission Deadline:

Ads needs to be received at least one week prior to requested posting date.

Home Page:

Your advertisement will appear on the home page of

Side Page:

Your advertisement will appear on a secondary page of

Acceptable Formats:

If ads are provided in specified size:   JPEG (for photographic images,) GIF (for flat-color illustrations and simple animations.) If modifications are needed, provide ad in PSD format.


1 Week

2 Weeks

1 Month

  Home Page Side Page Home Page Side  Page Home Page Side Page
(75 x 75 px)
$50 $30 $90 $50 $180 $100
(150 x 150 px)
$60 $40 $110 $70 $220 $140
(375 x 75 px)
$70 $50 $130 $90 $260 $180

To place a web ad, please contact:


Multi-week ads are placed lower on the page than single-week ads.

Custom Sizes and Pop-up Windows:

Estimates provided on request.

Banner Size:
3.91 x 0.78 in (9.93 x 1.98 cm)


Sidebar Size:
11.98 x 1.56 in (30.43 x 3.96)


Icon Size:
.78 x .078 in (1.98 x 1.98 cm)


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